Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here You Go Myjic!!

Sorry everyone, I have been lagging in my posting efforts.  I have been so very busy.  But I called Myjic the other day and told her about a dream I had, and she suggested I put it up here for 2 reasons. 1) a good laugh. 2) anyone have any ideas interpretations?
Ok, It started out that BabyLove and I got PCS (transferred for you non- military folks), and we were looking at new houses to buy.  We came across this GORGEOUS house sitting on about 20 acres.  The real estate agent refused to step foot on the property, just handed us the keys and told us she would be here waiting when we were finished looking.  Well the current owner showed up and he also refused to go onto the property, said the place was haunted.  Well, BabyLove and I went up to the house and found the most beautiful house I have ever seen, but then we were confronted by a Native American Chief Sprit.  He told us to get off his land and that no one would ever live there, etc.  we asked what the problem was, and he showed us the burial grounds that happened to be located on this particular piece of property.  The old owner had started to build a mother-in-law’s cottage right on the burial grounds.  We promised that if the spirits would let us move in, we would take down the mother in law’s cottage very carefully as to not disturb the burial grounds.  We finally got permission and went back to the end of the driveway to ask the price of the house and property.   We were told $500.  yes five hundred.  So needless to say we took it.  Well, then time skips forward about at least a year or so, and we have some friends visiting, a couple that I used to live with, for now we will call them Jade and Vlad.  Vlad and I were walking down to my garden, and he tried to go in the Burial Grounds (by this time we had enclosed it in wrought iron fencing t make sure everyone left it alone), he mixed up the Burial Grounds with my garden because they were both gated in with wrought iron fencing.  The Native American Chief Spirit showed back up and Vlad apologized for almost going in there with out permission.  Jade approaches and we all begin talking and somehow Jade and Vlad get invitied to a ritual that is going on that night.  Some kind of spring celebration ritual.  Well, time flashes forward again, and now it is nighttime with a full moon and Myjic and Cowboy and a native American midwife spirit are at the top of a hill with all of us and some other friends and family making a circle around the base of a hill .  The ritual we preformed made the midwife spirit corporeal so that she could help Myjic give birth to a baby.  Oh and by the way, Myjic was completely naked and covered in ancient symbols done in some sort of body paint.  
I bet Freud would have a field day with this one.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Ants Go Marching One By One......

Well, it's spring now, and the ants have come out of hibernation and directly into my kitchen again. I think they are hiding out underneath the house and I am going to have to bomb or fog or something, maybe I will just hire a professional. I dunno. All I know is I am tired of fighting the ants.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Been Away

My husband and I just got back from Arkansas. We went to see hhis parents and brother. His mom and dad got two horses, Dunny and Batman. Dunny is really laid back and cool and Batman is a little high strung. Both are gorgeous animals. They really liked to see me coming towards the fence cause they knew I usually had an apple or a carrot or something. :) I like to spoil pets, babies too. My next door neighbor has the cutest little girl, and I am ALWAYS buying her something. I get accused of spoiling her....naw... I wouldn't do a thing like that, not me, never!
*best innocent voice* :)
I miss my other baby! My friend's three year old, B, is precious too. But they moved to Ohio, about 8 hours away. :(
hmmm, besides puppy training Abby, there hasn't been much else going on. Abby has had her 2nd vet appt. A parvo booster, parvo is really bad in this area, so we dont play with that. She has another 4 shots to go before she is done with the set, then after this, she gets her shots once a year, just like Hagrid. I need to get them some frontline or something like that...I think the fleas are going to be really bad this year. OK, I guess that is everything this time around.