Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well, BabyGirl and I have been studying Bb Butterflies this week and I think we are gonna go into next week too. Maybe. I have also started teaching her a little bit of US History. I was raised military and married military, so I think teaching our child about our country's history is very important. We are starting to learn how America was discovered by Europe. I am taking that one very slowly. We are also learning about different American legends. This week is Paul Bunyan. She loves Babe, the Big Blue Ox!
This week's shape is Oval, and we made a butterfly out of ovals of different sizes. She had fun and did most of it on her own. Before we did this we did a Butterfly labeling sheet, so she knew where everything went.

We also have adventures planned to go to the park and look for butterflies. And I found a website that deals with nothing but butterflies in a way that children can understand. It has a couple of videos that BabyGirl has enjoyed. We have also found a mini book on the letter B and Butterflies. We are going to make a diagram of the life cycle of the butterfly for one of our Arts and Crafts projects!

And I have decided that each month we are going to do a Social Studies type project dealing with how we should treat people. Next month (when we start it) I will start with kindness. I think we are going to do a kindness tree and every time she does something nice or kind, we add a leaf to the tree describing what she did on the leaf. Hopefully by the end of the month, we will have a nice full kindness tree! I am thinking of adding Mommy and Daddy on there in spots so she doesn't have to fill up the whole tree by herself, but I will do BabyGirl in one color leaf, Mommy in another, and Daddy in a third.

Next week (or the week after depending how butterflies work out) we are going to continue our lessons on butterflies and move to Cc Caterpillars. BabyGirl seems to be really enjoying these lessons. and at the end of each week, I find and cut out some shapes of what we have been studying and we decorate her lapbook (thanks SouthernMama for the idea!!!) with little journal sheets of what she knows about that weeks subject. For each lapbook, I let her pick out the pictures that I print out on card stock to put on the outside back and the inside back for support. She really gets into making these lapbooks too, it is great! And when we are done with them, I put them on the bookcase and we come back to them when we need to. These are a GREAT idea! (hats off to SouthernMama again for that idea)

Oh well, I guess we are done for today, see you later.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Srsly people! (caution: a rant)

Ok, I have to rant here for a second. I am getting *really* tired of people who drive through residential areas with their stereos so freaking loud that the windows in my house rattle. In the past weeks I have been woken up at around 4am by some inconsiderate person and their stereo. Not only that, but my child has been woken up, which means instead of making a rude gesture at the window and rolling over and going back to sleep, I have had to stay up until my child settles back down and goes back to sleep. I am so tired of this. What possesses someone to feel they have the need to turn their stereo up *that* freakin loud?!?! And when most people are sleeping?!?!? Makes me want to find out where they live and figure out when they sleep so I can blast opera or something outside their house. I think the only thing that stops me (besides the whole stalker vibe to this plan) is the fact that their neighbors don't deserve this. Their neighbors aren't the ones who are ticking me off. I wonder if I can wire their house to play opera in the middle of the night?? Or can I get an EMP machine and hook it up to a decibel reader to stop their car dead? Unfortunately I think that is illegal. GRRRRR....makes me so mad. And then I start to worry that my daughter is not getting enough sleep.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wow, has it really been that long?

I had almost forgotten about this particular blog. It has been 2 years and 7 months since I have posted anything, but I guess I can get back into it. =) Life has been hectic in the last 2.5 years. BabyGirl is 3 and a half now, and we have been doing ok in Montana. I still think it is way too far away from family and friends. I have been homeschooling BabyGirl for preschool, and she is doing wonderfully. I get to have knee surgery soon, as soon as they can get it scheduled. I have some good friends up here, and so far, only one of my new good friends has moved away. ( I miss you Sam! and BabyGirl misses her Little Man!) I have been struggling with a few issues being this far away from everything I was familiar with, but I would say I have handled it well. I am going to go spend some quality time with my BabyLove, but I think I am going to get back to posting here at least once a week. Especially to post BabyGirl's advancement in her lessons. =)