Sunday, June 19, 2011

Srsly people! (caution: a rant)

Ok, I have to rant here for a second. I am getting *really* tired of people who drive through residential areas with their stereos so freaking loud that the windows in my house rattle. In the past weeks I have been woken up at around 4am by some inconsiderate person and their stereo. Not only that, but my child has been woken up, which means instead of making a rude gesture at the window and rolling over and going back to sleep, I have had to stay up until my child settles back down and goes back to sleep. I am so tired of this. What possesses someone to feel they have the need to turn their stereo up *that* freakin loud?!?! And when most people are sleeping?!?!? Makes me want to find out where they live and figure out when they sleep so I can blast opera or something outside their house. I think the only thing that stops me (besides the whole stalker vibe to this plan) is the fact that their neighbors don't deserve this. Their neighbors aren't the ones who are ticking me off. I wonder if I can wire their house to play opera in the middle of the night?? Or can I get an EMP machine and hook it up to a decibel reader to stop their car dead? Unfortunately I think that is illegal. GRRRRR....makes me so mad. And then I start to worry that my daughter is not getting enough sleep.

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Southern Mama said...

Sorry you have jerks waking you and BabyGirl up.