Friday, August 25, 2006

Butterfly Migration

I really love my husband. The other day he called me outside just to share the sight of about a hundred little monarch butterflies flitting around the backyard. It was a wonderful sight that we just stood cuddling and watching. And then that night we had the joy to experience a Japanese Owl Moth. We were standing outside before bed talking, when this huge creature came up. At first I thought it was a bat it was so big, then we saw it was a huge moth that was absolutely gorgeous. We sat watching it until it flew off and became one with the night.It was a great day.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My house, the Halfway House

Sometimes I think my husband and I will never be alone. We moved one roommate out (he was supposed to go to SC, but ended up in the hospital), but before that, my brother's Ladyfriend moved in, then my brother moved back from Florida to be with her while she finishes out school. Today we are expecting one of the military guys we know back from Iraq, and he is staying with us for a while because of a divorce, then at the end of Septemeber, one of the other miltary guys we know is coming back from Iraq and staying with us til he finds a place. After all this I have put my foot down and said NO MORE!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I have not lived alone in the four years we have been together, and we are quite ready for it. Oh well, at least we are getting rent out of these people. Money is always good, helps pay the bills.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Vacations and Stress

Sorry I haven't blogged lately, but I was on vacation for a month, and then sick. Two days into my vacation, I get a phone call saying my roommate had a stroke. At 29 he had a stroke! And then he was doing ok, and they were trying to find a facility to release him to...a rehabilitative facility. The his stomach ruptured and he went septic, and then he got a blood clot in his leg, and now there is a mass by one of his kidneys. When it rains, it pours for him. And then to top it all off, as we were coming home from our vacation, my husband had to take me to the emergency room for a kidney infection. Lovely, isn't it? All this has just got me thinking about my own health problems and the fact that I am overweight and that was part of what caused my roommate's stroke, and I keep wondering if I am next? Plus I have the blood clotting disorder. I don't know. And then to top it all off, I don't know if I will be able to go back to school this semester or not, I still have to call the college.