Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life Lately

I have been so very busy lately.  We went out to dinner Friday night with a friend and her two daughters and ended up taking her to the emergency room with heart problems and they kept her overnight.  We got her two daughters overnight.  Emi is three, and very headstrong, and Katei has hit that impossible age between twelve and twenty-five (she’s 12).  But Auntie Skye gets along great with both of them, as long as Emi isn’t tired.  (
I have been trying in vain to clean my house, and like always, it seems to be a futile struggle.  Oh well, when I pass to the next world, I can say although my house wasn’t clean, I truly lived life and loved it.
I found a cute, new little german cafĂ© that just opened near my house.  The food there is AMAZING!!!!  Sexx-C and I both had full dinner sized lunches and dessert and I bought two Kinder Eggs and it was only $29!!  Myjic, I am gonna have to take you there when you guys come visit!  Even if it is just for the desserts!  OMG!!!!  I about died it was so good.
Oh well, I guess I had better go clean since I have a few extra minutes before bed.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sickness, Puppies, and Life

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately, I have been sick with a chest cold.  Lovely stuff, to be sure.  I have been watching the puppies roam about the house inspecting things.  They seem to do this at the change of every season.  I don’t know if the younger ones picked it up from my older dog, or if it is something that dogs just tend to do.  Although, I must say, I have never noticed it in any of the dogs we had grrowing up.  Hagrid, and now Abby and Tia, will roam about the house sniffing every corner, and do the same in the yard for about three or four days every time the season changes.  It is like they are taking an inventory or something.  It is rather comforting though, to have the notion that my older dog loves me so much that he makes sure I am safe.  He has complete faith in me.  I wonder sometimes if that is what it is going to feel like to have a child.  Hagrid is completely dependant on me, even to the point of his happiness.  If I am away from him for any length of time, he lays down and pines for me.  I don’t think this is very healthy, but considering his background of abuse, it might be the only survival for him.  Here lately, Abby has had a fetish for my toes.  I think I am getting over dogs licking my toes just simply because she does it like seventeen million times a day.  If I am wearing socks or shoes or slippers, she tries to go through them to get to my toes.   She is really detirmined.