Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life Lately

I have been so very busy lately.  We went out to dinner Friday night with a friend and her two daughters and ended up taking her to the emergency room with heart problems and they kept her overnight.  We got her two daughters overnight.  Emi is three, and very headstrong, and Katei has hit that impossible age between twelve and twenty-five (she’s 12).  But Auntie Skye gets along great with both of them, as long as Emi isn’t tired.  (
I have been trying in vain to clean my house, and like always, it seems to be a futile struggle.  Oh well, when I pass to the next world, I can say although my house wasn’t clean, I truly lived life and loved it.
I found a cute, new little german café that just opened near my house.  The food there is AMAZING!!!!  Sexx-C and I both had full dinner sized lunches and dessert and I bought two Kinder Eggs and it was only $29!!  Myjic, I am gonna have to take you there when you guys come visit!  Even if it is just for the desserts!  OMG!!!!  I about died it was so good.
Oh well, I guess I had better go clean since I have a few extra minutes before bed.


forestcrow said...

Kinder eggs..the choco eggs with toys in them?
Oh, yeah, hi!
How ya been?

Myjic Believer said...

Hope your friend is alright. And you're on. I'll love to go to the German cafe...even if it is JUST for chocolate...I mean dessert ;-)

Cleaning house is pointless...it just gets messey again. "A clean house is a sing of a wasted life."

Anyhow, how have you been? I haven't talked to you in like forever. What's up with that? Am I being replaced?? *sniffle* Skye doesn't need her sister anymore. *sniffle* I...just...some...relative you see at christmas and talk to once a year *wipes tears from eyes* I'm useless...forgetable...*bawls* You don't love me anymore!!!!!

Ok, maybe I need some sleep, what do you think?? Okay, I'm going now. Bed is calling. Speaking on which, call me sometime. I'm gone...bye.


Skyelin said...

Yeah, my friend was alright, they cant figure out what is wrong with her....
And I do too still love you!!!! I am coming to see you soon.