Friday, April 07, 2006

Been Away

My husband and I just got back from Arkansas. We went to see hhis parents and brother. His mom and dad got two horses, Dunny and Batman. Dunny is really laid back and cool and Batman is a little high strung. Both are gorgeous animals. They really liked to see me coming towards the fence cause they knew I usually had an apple or a carrot or something. :) I like to spoil pets, babies too. My next door neighbor has the cutest little girl, and I am ALWAYS buying her something. I get accused of spoiling her....naw... I wouldn't do a thing like that, not me, never!
*best innocent voice* :)
I miss my other baby! My friend's three year old, B, is precious too. But they moved to Ohio, about 8 hours away. :(
hmmm, besides puppy training Abby, there hasn't been much else going on. Abby has had her 2nd vet appt. A parvo booster, parvo is really bad in this area, so we dont play with that. She has another 4 shots to go before she is done with the set, then after this, she gets her shots once a year, just like Hagrid. I need to get them some frontline or something like that...I think the fleas are going to be really bad this year. OK, I guess that is everything this time around.


Myjic Believer said...

YOu don't spoil anybody...or any pet. *coughs- bull-sh!t*

Did you get the package that I sent? Did you give the little one the present??

Skyelin said...

Yes I got the package, the post office finally delivered it the other day, they kinda lost it. But anyway, I was gonna call tomorrow and tell you, lil' ones' Mommy LOVED the dress!!!! She flipped she thought it was adorable! I gave
Mommy your email addy b/c she said something about emailing you a thank you.
Of CourseI don't spoil any children or animals, it's not in my nature! :)

Myjic Believer said...

That's kwel about the addy. And I'm glad she liked the dress.

Yvette said...

Cute names! Horses are so smart. Can't wait to see another pic of Abby. Has she grown much?

Skyelin said...

Yeah, she has grown quite a bit, she is almost double her size now. She is going to grow out of her kennel soon. I am going to take more pics today of both her and Hagrid as soon as my husband comes hoem so I can have the camera. :)