Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, when I went to my parents house, I called a friend, one of my bestestest friends in the whole wide world, and told her how much I had missed doing the traditional Thanksgiving at her house and then going to mine to celebrate with both our families cause they eat at different times. Well, then about 30 minutes alter, I showed up at her Momma's doorstep. No one knew I was coming, everyone was suprised. And I thought Myjic needed the suprise after the week she had. See her blog at http://myjicliveson.blogspot.com/
And to top it all off, we got to suprise our other bestestest friend when we showed up at her doorstep too. It was wonderful. I had alot of fun doing that. My friends needed a pick-me-up. And I gave it to them. :) I love you guys!!!

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Myjic Believer said...

{{{BIG HUG}}} Love you too!