Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another Cute Pic

As you can see, I love to post pics of my beautiful Hagrid. I call this one, "NO! You Can't See MY Duckie!" He really seems to love his Duckie. And it is funny to watch NCIS with him. Ever since we got the duck, we've been calling it Duckie when we play with him, well there is a character on NCIS with the nickname Duckie. Ever time someone on the show says Duckie, he looks at the TV and then goes and gets his Duckie, well, unless he is asleep, or not paying attention. And a little tip, don't threaten to "get his Duckie", he doesn't seem to like it too well.

Well, I almost got to talk to my husband today... but then his work interfered and he didn't get to call. I think I will write my congressman, and everyone else's, to give more to the budget so my husband a direct line that I can call anytime, so that I can talk to him whenever I want. Cause if I can't have him home, I want to talk to him whenever I can. :D

I am almost done with the Yuletide shopping, my roommate managed to convince me to go into ToysRUs today to find a present for his three year old nephew. Not just any store, a toy store, and not just any toy store, but ToysRUs! During the Yuletide Seasons! A toy store!! OMG!!! I meant to have all of my Yuletide shopping done before the season started. I have one last gift to pick up, well technically two, but one I can't buy until I go up to my family's house, and the other I have on layaway, I just have to go pick it up. I am going to wait until like 3am, on a Tuesday night, when there is almost no one in the store and definitely NO screaming kids. I HATE screaming kids. And in Wal-Mart, they ALWAYS find me and follow me around the store. Oh well, I think that is a sign that I am not ready to have kids yet, or maybe it's a sign that I am not ready to have badly behaving children. :)


Myjic Believer said...

Is lay-a-way opened at 3am, on a Tuesday night??
I almost have Christmas shopping done too. I have two more to go. My grandmother (I know what I'm getting her) and my mother-in-law (NO IDEA!!!!)

Skyelin said...

LOL, how long have you been grappling with what to get your mom-in-law? 3 months now? I dunno, I guess I will have to check that out....I hope so. If not, I will go VERY early in the morning and hopefully there won't be anyone there with a screaming child, especially if I go during the week...