Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gym Update

As you all who are close to me know, Ihave been trying to lose weight for the past ...oh...lifetime. Well I went top the gym today and walked for 25minutes, walked about 2.5 miles. Congrats to me! I didn't do any of the weights cause I still don't feel well, my brother shared with me yet again, a chest cold or sinus infection, not sure which yet.


Myjic Believer said...

Way to go about the walking. But don't forget, that everybody has a target heart rate that burns max fat. It's based on age and stuff. Walking with you heart rate over your target may not give you the max effect. My target rate is about 145 pbm. This means when my heart rate is this I'm buring the most fat, not matter how fast I'm going. For me, and I just started back, right now I walk about 2.9 mph. And this gets me to me target in about 5 minutes. (I walk at a 3% incline for 3 minutes before going flat.) Max Fat Buring.
Good luck! We need it!! :-)

Oh, and about the weights. Be careful. If you build to much muscle before losing weight you want lose as much. So take the weights slow.

Skyelin said...

yeah, my target rate is about 160bpm, if I calculated right. I want to walk for at least an hour everyday, but I am getting there, plus I do the fat burnng belly dancing routine, which is a killer!
And I do watch with the weights, I do low weights and only 3 sets of 15 reps which is enough to tone, but not enough to build any great amount of muscle.
Thanks for the warnings though, I appreciate them!