Thursday, May 25, 2006


The other day I had the extreme pleasure of sitting on my back porch and watching a little purple butterfly for over a half hour.  Then it flew out of sight to go explore the vast reaches of the front yard.  I told a friend about this, and she asked me if I had had nothing to do or if I was bored.  I told her no, I had plenty of housework to do, and that I had been far from bored, I was actually in the middle of a tv show when I stepped outside with all the puppies and became entranced by this small purple butterfly fluttering from flower to flower and so on.  It was a beautiful sight, controlled and yet completely chaotic.  I think sometimes we just have to stop and watch the butterflies….and expect some to never understand why.


Yvette said...

oh yes...well put!

Myjic Believer said...

Yes...I love butterflies...but you already knew that. Me and the girls watched one today.