Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nature's Bathtub

We had a pretty violent thunderstorm last night/this morning.  I love thunderstorms.  They are unpredictable and always a spectacular thing of pure raw nature to watch.  After I watch a particularly intense Thunderstorm, I always feel cleansed afterwards.  It’s like the heavens opened up and bathed my body and soul in the purest water in all of creation.  If the lightening isn’t too close, I also like to dance in the rain.


Myjic Believer said...

Oh...I love dancing in the rain.

Last summer, we would have a rain storm about every day. No thunder or nothing...just rain. And I was keeping Mikayla and Emily. Just about everyday we played in the rain and then ate juice pops while sitting on the porch to dry. *smiles* Good memories.

Skyelin said...

yeah, I love Thunderstorms too, and good memories.